This is a very unique special blend of organic Turmeric, Ginger, and Pau d'Arco.  The Trinity blend can be used to brew a refreshing and bold tea. Make it hot or iced - equally enjoying.


The Trinity blend can also be added as a wonderful condiment to your cooking (soups, stews, dressings, breading fish). Ingesting the elements of this tea is extremely beneficial. The three ingredients add a deep and warm flavor to your meals.


This formula is a sure winner in your medicinal kitchen. 



                                               Tasty Tip: Add a teaspoon of TRINITY TEA to your oatmeal for a nutritional boost...

                                                                                    sweeten with raisins and cinnamon.



                 TRINITY TEA
















PAU D’ARCO TRINITY TEA TONIC is a mix of 3 famous curative botanicals.  The formula is carefully prepared with pure and natural ingredients under rigorous control for quality and cleanliness.  More than 15 years of research has led to the discovery of this powerful healing formula.  This is a natural food supplement and is completely safe and non-toxic without secondary side effects.



Pau d’Arco – Tabebuia sp.

Curcuma – Curcuma officinales

Ginger – Zengiber offcinales


Pau d’ArcoTabebuia sp.

The inner bark of the Pau d’Arco trees have been used for centuries as a traditional folklore medicine in the tropical Americas. Reported to be the sacred trees and medicine of the Incas and Mayas, the secret has been passed on for generations.  These trees are commonly known as Roble Sabana and Cortez Colorado in Costa Rica. 


This powerful botanical medicine is known to heal a wide range of illnesses because of its ability to restore the body’s natural defenses against disease – the immune system.  Today people are rediscovering the benefits of Pau d’Arco to restore their health.  The bark from these trees has been harvested ecologically in areas free of toxic pollutants.


CurcumaCurcuma officinales

Used in India for centuries as an effective botanical medicine. It has a rejuvenating effect on the liver, pancreas, and digestive system. Also a potent anti-inflammatory agent for arthritis and rheumatism.


GingerZengiber offcinales

A famous herbal medicine from China which increases circulation and cleanses the body of impurities.




Add ½ to 1 teaspoon of Pau d’Arco Trinity Tea Tonic powder to a cup of boiling water. Wait several minutes, strain and serve with or without sweetener.


Enjoy 1-3 cups per day as preventative health drink.  For chronic and acute health problems drink 3-6 cups / day, and brew a bit stronger.


Additionally, adding 3-6 dried Jamaican Hibscus flowers to your brewing tea will add flavor and a boost of Vitamin C.



Traditionally, these 3 botanical wonders have been used to aid in the treatment of the following conditions:


Anemia, Arteriosclerosis, Arthritis, Asthma, Bronchitis, Boils, Cancer, Candida, Colitis, Diabetes, Eczema, Fevers, Flu, Gastritis, Gall Bladder problems, Infections, Liver problems, Lung problems, Leukemia, Pain Relief, Parasites, Prostatitis, Pyorrhea, Wounds.


The tea functions as a botanical tonic to naturally improve the function of the body’s immune system, in turn improving your health in many ways.


The active ingredients purify the blood, clean the lungs, kidneys and intestines, while eliminating infections and parasites. The tea Improves digestion, balances the nervous system and hormonal functions.


100% natural product without chemicals or preservatives.




HOT BATHS – Add one liter of strong tea to your bath for relief of body aches and pain.


HOT COMPRESS – Soak a towel in strong, hot tea and apply to chest, back or joints for relief of body aches and pain.


TOOTHACHES  - Brew a strong tea and rinse mouth frequently, especially around infected or sensitve area.


The purpose of this product is to help you in accord with herbal folklore medicines and should not be considered a substitute for a medical opinion.


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