A bold mix of peppers, herbs and spices.  A blend of premium herbs & spices (like oregano, cumin, and turmeric, garlic), mixed liberally with dried parsely to hold everything together, and then punched through with 3 types of hot peppers to give a complex and full-bodied flavor.


Use this mix to blend into avocados (for sassy guacamole), into beans, sour cream, or sautee with your favorite fish or taco filling.  Not only that - this mix is wonderful shaken into almost any dish.  It offers a deep, full-bodied taste welcomed in stir-frys, grills, and marinades.


We pulled out all the stops on this one - at last count there are 16 herbs, spices, and peppers in this blend!  

Tasty Tip: Stir a generous spoonful of Taco Mix into cooking rice for a flavorful and visually festive dish!


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