COSTA RICA SEA SALT                           

Flavorful, light coarse grind.


From a wide delta flowing into the sea, the Tempisque River in Costa Rica holds a bounty of diverse life.  Sweet water meets sea water.  At the mouth of the river the sweet-salt water is collected in troughs.  Long fires are lit underneath the troughs to steam and vaporize away the water, leaving only salt.  From there the salt is spread to dry under the hot tropical sun. The salt rendered is flavorful and rich, loaded with important minerals like potassium and magnesium...


This woman's cooperative works collectively and they work hard throughout the dry season to prepare and accumulate sea salt.  When the rains set in during August, September, and October the road that follows the sea's shore is flooded with tropical rain. The salt pools are washed with the season's rain.


To this rich sea salt we add our finest shade-dried organic spices - Ginger, Cumin, Hot! Chile Peppers, and Garlic - to create an array of seasoned sea salts.  These sea salts should be integrated into all of your cooking and baking projects.  You will have the ability to impart fine unique flavors and bold signature taste to all of your food creations.  Quick meals-on-the-go? Take a flavored sea salt along and spice things up!     


                   PURE WHITE SEA SALT         HOT! CHILE SEA SALT          GINGER SEA SALT


                                                CUMIN SEA SALT               GARLIC SEA SALT







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