A CACAO NIB or Cocoa Bean is the seed of the chocolate fruit similar in size to an almond.  A 'superfood' in status, the raw seed / nut / bean is one of the most complex and nutrient dense foods in all of nature. They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, magnesium, and complex trace elements providing great pure energy.


Many people claim that chocolate will "keep them up at night", or be "overstimulating."  There are 2 reasons: Chocolate in its pure, raw, bean state does not have caffeine.  It does have an amino acid (theobromide) that is a slight energizer.  But the caffeine buzz people experience when they eat commerical chocolate comes from when the cacao bean is roasted and toasted.  This activates the caffeine.  Much like coffee whose bean plucked from the coffee bush does not have caffeine; only when it is roasted and toasted is the caffeine activated.


Raw nibs and untoasted cocoa powder are not processed, and so their constituents are pure, whole, and not 'adulterated.'


Sprinkle your Cacao Nibs on salads as croutons, in smoothies, on nut butter sandwiches, on top of ice cream, ground with your favorite hot beverages, or even sautee them with green beans and Hot! Chile Sea Salt.




                                TASTY TIP:  Crumble NIBS onto ice cream for an exotic and powerhouse chocolate chip.












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