SPICE MARKET COSTA RICA tends farms at diverse altitudes and in numerous bio-regions of Costa Rica. This provides you with a rich assortment and the highest quality shade-dried spices and cacao.  


These Premium SPICES & COCOA are grown on our farms or come from the farms directly around us.  

It is a privilege and delight to work with these neighbors and care for these spices.    




We have been planting and protecting tropical forest and restoring wildlife habitat in Costa Rica for more than 30 years.


We worked initially in the Cabo Blanco-Montezuma area of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica.  Alongside dona Karen Morgensen (one of Costa Rica's National Park founders) and 'Shark-Tooth Joaquim' (a life-long Costa Rican park ranger) we have planted many, many trees. We and a few others have been and continue to be strong activists for diversity in Costa Rica.


The resources generated by the cultivation and sale of spices and cacao helps insure that these tree-planting and restoration efforts continue.


Interested in tropical forest restoration projects or in obtaining ecologically important lands?  Please visit these websites:


Sacred Lands Costa Rica

Punto Amistad

Montezuma Haven

Campamento Vargas





We restore and protect tropical forest, water and promote diversity in Costa Rica.

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