Costa Rica 


Here you will find the freshest and

finest Shade-dried Spices & Cocoa 

grown in tropical Costa Rica.


From the bounty of the tropical

forests, our SPICES & COCOA 

are cultivated, harvested,

gently shade-dried, and

brought to market. 






  Why Shade-Dried Spices?


* The Spices and Cocoa available to you at supermarkets and grocery chains are harvested and dried in hot ovens. This high-heat processing destroys

the very flavors and healthful benefits of each spice.


* After processing, commercial spices are stored and packaged

for 10 months or more in warehouses before

they appear on your grocery shelves.


  * The freshness of these spices detriorates quickly,

losing potency and aroma, due to the mistreatment of the spices

through the high-heat process. 


  * Our Shade-Dried Spices & Cocoa are steadily harvested

and gently shade-dried  --- keeping freshness and potency

our first priority.  The process takes a bit longer,

but the true vibrant scents and flavors are captured. 


* These spices simply and easily turn your meals into incredible pleasure.



   BROWSE Spices, Cocoa, Sea Salts, and Green Clay




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